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American Legion Camp, New York

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American Legion Children's Camp of New York located on Roosa Gap Road. During the years between 1942-1955 my both parents and or family of three children lived there all year around. My parents were caretakers. My mother was in charge of the staff during the summer months. The children from NY city came to stay overnight for 2 weeks alternating boys and girls from New York City. Looking back at these years how wonderful we had it as a young family, experiencing the camp life and the rewards of such a great place to be raised. I do have an Certificate of Merit that my mother received from the New York County American Legion Children's Camp signed by Director Florence Ostenza and J. Roth Bd of Directors. At this point in time, I am unable to find any history of the campsite. I can provide some additional information if anyone wants to share and some photos.

Aug. 5, 2013
I am trying to search a history on the American Legion Children's Camp of Sullivan county, New York. My mom and Dad were caretakers for the camp from 1948-1956. I was a young lad at the time living there.It was great in the summer months (July for boys and August for girls..It I remember, there was 8 cabins a quanset for dining a pool..The American Legion from New York City Sponsored the camp for kids to go there for the summer months..There were a lot of kids, and staff went to the camp for many years. Anyone out there who remembers any fine memories, would be fine to read them. My sister sent me and e-mail today and say she has some pictures of the camp activities..I am going to try and get copies from her ..
Aug. 15, 2013
HI i went to Alcc summer of 65 and 66, WOW great place, I loved it so much, I went back as a counselor from 1974 till 1977. I believed it closed down in 1978. For a kid from the streets of NYC in the 60's it was heaven. Some of my best summer memories as a kid and a teen, young adult happened at that camp. Rosagap Rd. Bloomingburg NY. Always in my heart and memories.
Oct. 16, 2014
My parents, my brother, sister and I lived at the American Legion Children's Camp from 1940's to 1950's. Here my parents were year around caretakers and during the summer months provided many children getting away from the hot city streets of NY (sponsored by the American Legion) many camping activities. Many returning campers later became counselors and worked for the Camp. These wonderful camping experiences have left me with very fond memories and the person whom I have become. I wish my children and grandchildren could have had the same experience.
Mar. 11, 2015
I was there two or three summers from maybe 1964 to 1966-67 I had fond memories the best being the late night thunderstorms and the rain of the roof. I won the softball medal and was so proud because I could not hit the ball but was taught to "brake" the wrists and became quite a good hitter. I visited there in maybe 1989 and it was a radio controlled car place. I wish there were photos-the people there in charge we so kind to me when I was extremely homesick and had heard my mother was hurt in a minor accident at home. They let me sleep a night or two in the infirmary and allowed me to call my mom to see if she was ok-Such nice people except for one visit when a sadistic counselor made me eat a whole stick of butter because I used too much and was therefore a glutton. Really hurt me having that lable-but as they say, we take the good with the bad and the good has inprinted wonderful memories
Mar. 27, 2015
Hello Interesting because I was there also same years, 1965, 1966 we left from Manhattan's 14th Street below a legion hall. I was scared and homesick my first few days and my mom had hurt herself and I was worried so they took me to the caretakers home and allowed me to call home. It eased my mind and they let me sleep at the nurse's room that night. I began to fit in and enjoyed it. I may have gone there 3 years but am not sure but loved it more and more. The place was enchanting although I had no idea what that mean't at the time. One counselor was a sadist however and shamed me because I used too much butter. He had me eat a whole stick with two slices of bread. I was humiliated but other then that incident my memories were of wonder and fun. I received the softball medal for becoming vastly better once I was taught to "break" my wrist while swinging the bat. Thank you leigionairs.
Jan. 16, 2016
Response for 03/2015. After my family lived at the ALCC we moved to Bloomingburg 1954 and I graduated from Middletown HS 1961 and lost contact with the area after relocating to New Jersey. At this point, our parents were no longer involved with the campsite. However, received a email copy of the American Legion Magazine article from 1938, Library Division, Debra Brookhart, Archivist. For more information she recommended contacting The American Legion Department of New York and the New York Library This I plan to pursue in the future. Mary
Jan. 19, 2016
Any old photos of the American legion Children's camp in Sullivan county New York would be nice memories to see.I lived there when I was a young boy..My parents were caretakers fro, 1948-1956..Any information would be nice..
Mar. 16, 2016
My name is George Alatzas and I was the swimming instructor and counselor for 2 years,1957 and 1958.Ms Ostenzi was the camp director at the time,what great and fund memories I have. I still talk about it to people every chance I get.I GOT THE POSITION FOR THESUMMERS INDICATED FOR THE PERIOD OF TWO MONTHS EACH YEAR. I was sponsored by a boardmember of the American LEGION POST OF THE WALDORF ASTORIA HOTEL.We had visitors one year from the hotel chapter in order to inspect the camp and I believe 2 of those visitors were General Doolitle and Gen.Condon,both very famous people.I am currently trying to trace the Board members of that Post,located in the Waldorf Astoria,NYC, any information would be greately appreciated.the person that sponsored me for the camp was James Filikos,Captain of waiters and at the time Post Commander. Thanks for the wonderful memories that will always be with me .
Mar. 24, 2016
I spent some of my happiest summers there, starting as a camper then progressing to junior counselor, then senior with my "summer" friends until senior year of high school. I still think fondly of the people, Miss (Florence) Ostenzi, the Allotta's, Angelina, Ethel and Dawn,the Parkers next door, along with many others.. I remember the night the quonset hut, under construction with just the ribs erected, came down; getting in trouble for singing after lights out; going up to Counselor's Hill; the annual talent show, our group always doing "A Butcher's Boy". ("In Jersey it where I was born, A Butcher's Boy I loved so well..."). I would love to see the pictures from that time. (I still have my swimming medal and the ALCC patch).
Jul. 29, 2016
Some more favorite memories of my happy years at ALCC were the hikes to the crossroads of Roosa Gap and the little general store run by the two elderly sisters, which had been a stop on the underground railroad with a rich history, the hikes to Summitville, going to church Sunday mornings, we older ones starting off walking then being picked up by the converted ambulance on its second trip. I remember when we learned of the end of WWII at the campfire. How affected we all were (I still get tears from the memory). I remember the Greek refugee girl who joined us at camp. What untold horrors she had suffered. Although she was the same chronological age (12 at the time) as we were, she was years older.
Jul. 30, 2016
I was a camper there in 1976 and I was in the oldest boys' cabin. Cabin 8, way at the end of the big semi-circle of cabins. In the middle of the night, I watched a counseler who came into our cabin, drag a camper naked out into the woods, hands tied, pillow case over the boy's head. Nothing was ever done to make this public.
Jan. 10, 2017
My parents were the caretakers I'm assuming 1948 too I'm not sure on a date I was young and wasn't old enough too stay in a cabin ..I do remember The heavy woman taking all the treats from the kids on arrival ..Lol and the sled rides with my older sister Mary .. I remember the accident with my cousin Janet and my dad that's about it ..
Mar. 31, 2017

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